Chinese Pinyin

Free Tool: Chinese Characters to Pinyin with tone marks Converter - 实用汉字转拼音

Chinese Character to Pinyin Converter is a software for converting Chinese characters to pinyin with tone marks.You could also save the text of Chinese characters and pinyin with tone marks you converted as a word document(.doc file).

Free download "Chinese Characters to Pinyin Converter" here

*Note: You don't need to install it,just unzip it and run "KTestpinyin.exe".

Shortcut key: Press Ctrl+E can clear all of the old characters.

How to use this tool

Step 1

Click "KTestpinyin.exe" and run this software.


Step 2

Press Ctrl+E and clear all of the old characters first.


Step 3

Input your own Chinese characters on which you want to put pinyin.

How to export the result to a word file and a text file

Step 1

Select the button to export the result.

Step 2

Set the fonts for the word file.



Step 3

Edit the name of the destination file,and save it on your disk.