Free downolad:"Spoken Chinese 900" for Beginners with CD Audioes 初级汉语口语

Free download "Spoken Chinese 900 for Beginners" with CD Audioes


cover Spoken Chinese 900 for Beginners mandarinchineseschool com

Spoken Chinese 900, Book 1 and Book2
Publisher: Joint Publishing Co.

Audiocourses spoken Chinese language, also known as "Chinese - 900 phrases.
19 lessons contain more than 50 case situations presented by the materials, divided into 5 sections:

1) key phrases in Chinese (in characters and pinyin) and their translation into English,

2) lexical and grammatical explanations in English and Chinese languages, 3) Dialogues,

4) exercise

5) dictionary.

In the Appendix are given the keys to the exercises.

Download this book here: Book1 , Book2


01.01.a.mp3    01.01.b.mp3    01.02.a.mp3    01.02.b.mp3    01.03.a.mp3   01.03.b.mp3

01.04.a.mp3    01.04.b.mp3    01.05.a.mp3    01.05.b.mp3    01.06.a.mp3   01.06.b.mp3

01.07.a.mp3    01.07.b.mp3    01.08.a.mp3    01.08.b.mp3    01.09.a.mp3   01.09.b.mp3

01.10.a.mp3    01.10.b.mp3    02.01.a.mp3    02.02.a.mp3    02.02.b.mp3   03.01.a.mp3

03.01.b.mp3    03.02.a.mp3    03.02.b.mp3    04.01.a.mp3    04.02.a.mp3   04.03.a.mp3

04.03.b.mp3    05.01.a.mp3    05.01.b.mp3    05.02.a.mp3    05.02.b.mp3   05.03.a.mp3

05.03.b.mp3    05.04.a.mp3    05.04.b.mp3    05.05.a.mp3    05.05.b.mp3   06.01.a.mp3

06.01.b.mp3    06.02.a.mp3    06.02.b.mp3    06.03.a.mp3    06.03.b.mp3   07.01.a.mp3

07.01.b.mp3    07.02.a.mp3    07.02.b.mp3    08.01.a.mp3    08.02.a.mp3   08.02.b.mp3

09.01.a.mp3    09.01.b.mp3    09.02.a.mp3    09.03.a.mp3    09.03.b.mp3   10.01.a.mp3

10.01.b.mp3    10.02.a.mp3    10.03.a.mp3    10.03.b.mp3    11.01.a.mp3   11.01.b.mp3

11.02.a.mp3    11.02.b.mp3    11.03.a.mp3    11.03.b.mp3    12.01.a.mp3   12.01.b.mp3

12.02.a.mp3    12.02.b.mp3    13.01.a.mp3    13.02.a.mp3    13.02.b.mp3   14.01.a.mp3

14.02.a.mp3    14.02.b.mp3    15.01.a.mp3    15.01.b.mp3    15.02.a.mp3   15.02.b.mp3

16.01.a.mp3    16.01.b.mp3    16.02.a.mp3    16.02.b.mp3    16.03.a.mp3   16.03.b.mp3

17.01.a.mp3    17.01.b.mp3    17.02.a.mp3    17.02.b.mp3    18.01.a.mp3   18.01.b.mp3

18.02.a.mp3    18.02.b.mp3    18.03.a.mp3    18.03.b.mp3    18.04.a.mp3   18.04.b.mp3

19.01.a.mp3    19.01.b.mp3    19.02.a.mp3    19.03.a.mp3    19.03.b.mp3